Rape Culture

Do women who show cleavage promote rape culture?

Do women who go on Twitter and post naked pictures of themselves promote rape culture?

Do women who hang out in “clubs”, get drunk and fawn all over men promote rape culture?

Do women who talk dirty and suggestively promote rape culture?

Are all men who enjoy the sight of women rapists?

Are all men who mention a woman’s body rapists?

Are all men who enjoy pornography rapists?

If a man notices a woman’s cleavage is he a rapist, does he promote rape culture?

Do I think rape is detestable?  Of course.  Do I think that women who dress provocatively deserve to be raped?  Of course NOT!

Do I think that a man who admires, notices, and/or comments on women showing cleavage, tight fitting clothes, etc. is in any way inclined or predisposed to raping that woman?  Absolutely not!

Why am I even talking about this?

A good friend of mine on Twitter made a joke about Scarlett Johansson.  Apparently she gave a speech at the Democratic National Convention.  My friend was trying to make light of the fact that her speech was boring and did not add anything to the evening.

What he said was something about how it would have made a more interesting speech if she had shown some cleavage.

Almost immediately a fellow atheist on Twitter lashed out and called him out claiming that he was using rape speech or contributing to rape culture.

Was he saying that Scarlett Johansson was inferior to men?  I don’t think so.  He was saying she was boring.

Here’s the thing.  If she had never ever appeared in any picture showing ample cleavage, there MIGHT be a case for it being inappropriate.  But, cleavage is one of her trademarks.  Is that wrong?  No.  But, it does seem to make it fair game for my friend to make the comment.

By saying he wished to see more cleavage, does that make him a rapist?  I sure hope not.

I have extreme sympathy for rape victims.  I think that rape is similar to spousal abuse.  It is something that I will never understand.  I love my wife.  I would NEVER hurt her in any way.  I think that both rape and spousal abuse have more to do with power and control over the victim.

Regardless, I made the mistake of trying to engage with the accuser.

In the end she blocked me because I defended my friend.  That’s a shame.  I thought she was a nice person.

Closing thought:

When I asked her if she thought it was ok for women to show cleavage, she said “It’s her body, she should be able to do anything she wants”.

I agree.  But, I don’t agree that she should have any expectation of not getting reactions from men.

What if a white male decided to go to Harlem, NY, in broad daylight, and walk down the street wearing a sign? What if that sign said “I hate black people” or something even worse? Does he have the right to do so?  Absolutely.  Should he expect to get a reaction? Most definitely.  Does he deserve to be killed? Absolutely not!  Are there some people who might do that?  Oh yeah.  Will all people do that?  I don’t think so.

What do you think?


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