Election Day Is Here

I was just thinking about all of the presidential races I have personally been witness to.  For those of you who care, that would be a long time.  I have been alive for 13 of them, but only really was aware of 11 of them.  That would be the re-election of Richard “I am not … Continue reading

The Bobs let me down

So, I am always trying to think up creative ways to use Twitter and express myself.  Of course, I have this account, but I have had many accounts in my short time on Twitter.  Not that anyone cares, but that’s what a blog is for, right?  Writing stuff that nobody gives a shit about?  But … Continue reading

Why I love being an atheist

Atheism is not a religion.  It is not a replacement for religion.  It the absence of religion.  To me, it is the ultimate expression of rational thought.  I love being an atheist because I am able to enjoy my one life without need of any ritualistic worship of an illusionary jealous god.

Rape Culture

Do women who show cleavage promote rape culture? Do women who go on Twitter and post naked pictures of themselves promote rape culture? Do women who hang out in “clubs”, get drunk and fawn all over men promote rape culture? Do women who talk dirty and suggestively promote rape culture? Are all men who enjoy … Continue reading

Hello world!

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